Environmental Policy

Forest Garden Ltd recognises that leadership in its industry carries a responsibility to the environment, and in particular a responsibility to the world's forests.

Every product it sells and business operation it undertakes has an impact on the environment. It is impossible to eliminate that impact but it is possible to reduce it by modifying the way the business is run.

The key environmental issues associated with Forest Garden Ltd's activities are waste minimization, the prevention of pollution, energy management, and the use of raw materials. Our working practices from harvesting to distribution will use methodology incorporating continual improvement.

Forest Garden Ltd complies with all current legislation and will monitor forthcoming legislation to ensure further compliance.

The management acknowledge that to successfully operate this Environmental Policy, the entire workforce must be involved. This will be achieved through established communication channels and the identification of specific training needs.

Forest Garden Ltd also monitors the environmental performance, health and safety standards and worker welfare issues of its suppliers.

Protecting The Environment

Most of the timber used in our products is cut in our own sawmills from trees which have been grown in UK forests.

These woodlands come under the control of the Forestry Commission. This government agency has a statutory duty to ensure responsible management of existing woodland and must comply with sound environment practice.

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