Top Tips

Check out these top tips to help you care for and make the best use of your fencing products, decking and sheds, as well as some great advice on storage and composting:

Easy Fence Panel Installation

Installing or replacing a damaged fence panel is much quicker and easier if you use a purpose-designed post support system. Forest's 'FenceFast' easy-fit range, available from most garden centres, is particularly simple to use and is the only type to cater for almost any post size and design.

Easy Fence Post Repair

Thankfully there is a labour-saving way to repair a broken or rotten fence post that was originally set in concrete, without the effort of digging up and replacing the concrete itself. A purpose-designed easy-fit 'repairfast' spike (available from garden centres) can be installed around the old post base, and a new post can be fixed into place.

Install to Last

Quality First

As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Whether you need to replace a complete garden boundary, arch, pergola or shed buy the best quality you can afford; you'll be minimising repairs and replacements later on. Where you position these items is equally important. If you can't avoid an exposed spot then look for a style that can cope with the elements. Extra heavy-weight, lattice-work fence panels can be an especially good buy - they provide strength and durability whilst allowing the worst of the winds to pass harmlessly through.

Timber Care Top Tips

Storage Tips

Composting Tips

Protecting The Environment

Most of the timber used in our products is cut in our own sawmills from trees which have been grown in UK forests.

These woodlands come under the control of the Forestry Commission. This government agency has a statutory duty to ensure responsible management of existing woodland and must comply with sound environment practice.

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